Pop Up Request

I have been asked if I could do a pop up when the order entry team puts in an order and the Capacity is full for the day it is scheduled for. Meaning, they order is for 10/10, but we are already double booked for that day, so it would need to be on the next day, 10/11. Then they want an email sent to the Pre-Production Manager and the Production Supervisor. How would I go about this?

Sounds like you could handle this with an In-Transaction to Standard Data Directive.


  1. Put a condition to watch the order date for changes (or is initially set) and bounce out if it hasn’t changed.
  2. Add a code block to query the database and check if the order date is already at capacity. Assign the result to a boolean variable.
  3. Check the result and exit if there is capacity.
  4. If there’s not capacity, display an info message (non-blocking) to alert the user.
  5. Enable the standard directive you’ll create (below).


  1. Send an email to the Pre-Production Manager and Production Supervisor with a designed template.