Pop-up Warning for Order Entry > Actions

Dumb question - Is it possible to have a pop-up warning message on the actions menu? Same method as any other BPM by turning on trace, performing the action, see what method is called, then create a Pre bpm? Or are there more tricks to it?


In this case, I got a request to put a warning on Sales Order Entry’s Actions > Order > Close Order. Apparently folks got trigger happy and close orders by mistake, and Re-open order often messes up connections on open jobs, so we need to re-key the order.

That sounds like a good solution to me! I’ve found that a BPM data form (Are you sure you want to close order? YES NO) is more useful than a warning because the user actually has the option to stop the transaction.

You could also handle this in a customization using the BeforeToolClick event. When the event fires, throw up a DialogResult, if they click no, set args.Handled to true to cancel the tool click.

I agree with Adam, it’s much easier to handle in a customization. You could do it in a BPM as well (assuming you know what BO\Method is called… Close Order in this case it seems). I presume that you’d still need to do a customization with BeforeToolClick to add some CallContext so the BPM could be selective since I doubt you’d want to always pop up a message.