Pop Up Window will hide behind another Window that is open - Version 10.2.400

With 10.2.400 - Epicor is “hiding” popup windows behind current open Windows.
For example -
Opening Job Entry followed by Action -->Quick Job Entry will launch the Quick Job Entry screen, but both the Job Entry screen and Quick Job Entry will be behind the file manager that happens to be open.
If you try it again (with Quick Job Entry in memory cache) it doesn’t do this.
Clear memory cache and it hides the popup again.

Has anyone else seen this, issues a case for this?
Would like to get more scenarios to provide Epicor that this is an issue.

Granted, you can [Alt][Tab] to open the launched Window but as many of, I don’t like to do extra key strokes.

This occurs on versions that are Cloud and On Premise.

I get it all the time in our 10.2.400.5 version on-premise, super annoying. BPM/BAQ designers have a lot of popups and you have to make sure you have all your other windows minimized. I haven’t submitted a case to battle that one with Epicor yet. You are not alone.

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This issue is wasting a lot of our user’s time! As I see it, there are three major UI issues that Epicor has that are making a perfect storm of usability woes:

  • excessive use of modal dialog boxes which make it difficult at times to find and bring up the window you need
  • this pop-under bug
  • progress indicators which indicate something is happening before it actually is

For this last one, can you guess how long I was waiting for this operation to complete before I realized it hadn’t even started yet? The “progress” indicator was moving the whole time! (Also note: Clicking on any of the exposed windows in the screen shot including minimize was futile, as the popped under dialog is modal! In this case it’s a bit easier to see because it’s actually in its own dock icon, but if you have several Epicor screens open it can take a fair bit of time to figure out which one to click to make the new window come up.)

I have opened a support request with Epicor as management has mandated that this needs to be fixed - a lot of users are wasting a lot of time either because they don’t realize what is happening, or even when they are aware that it can happen it takes time to realize that it is happening again and more time to click around trying to get the proper window focused again.


The pop under bug has been driving me nuts too. Epicor really needs to hire a UX wizard, the underlying technology works good but the user experience is not up to standard these days. I don’t know what part of the UI has so much overhead, but you can achieve a long series of operations via REST in 1 second or less and it would take 30+ seconds just to load one of the screens to do it by hand.


They have and the result is Kinetic Design. :smiley:

But to your, Bruce’s and Michael’s point, a lot of the customization we see in this group has to do with UX. I can envision some smart coders who will be able to read a trace file and scaffold up an Electron application to do specific transactions outside the thick client at a fraction of the speed. :thinking:

Mark W.

I’d love to utilize the core rest services for data retrieval/processing but through my own beautiful,responsive web page. Damn that would be a fun project, much like what was shown at insights. Problem is i cant do it for our business, there is no need/desire for it by the business, but can I do it on my own time? You betcha! I think i just bought myself a personal weekend project (spanning multiple weekends of course) just for fun! :wink:


I haven’t got my hands on Kinetic yet so I can’t judge it, but I am hopeful yet a little worried. I tried making a dashboard on the active home page and it was slow and limited. A native interface vs web interface has less to do with the speed than the implementation. Its easy to make slow web UI’s too.

They need to get us cranks using it as soon as possible so we can point all the little flaws before the masses receive it. :wink:


OMG yes. The surface area of the partners and few strategic customers is too small. I would love for Epicor to be more like:

nadella and less like

“Lose the Turtleneck” :tm:

I’m also a bit worried that Kinetic is going to make the hurdles to UX customisation higher. I can guarantee that no matter what wizardry Epicor bring to bear on the standard screens, I’ll be told to make them work differently. And I suspect I’m not alone. Nobody can craft a screen that works exactly like every user and company process needs, and I’d like Epicor to divert a little bit of effort from trying to perfect the defaults towards helping those of us who need to deviate from the defaults. At the moment everything seems to be going the other way.

(And yes, I’m well aware that there’s always a strong argument for leaving things alone and educating the users, but there are limits to that).


And that would be…“We’ve already paid for something why would we waste time developing a new UI”

But I get it. It would be a cool project… But first we need to actually kick this thing along and actually start using it in production! Yikes!

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