Populating Dashboard Tracker View comboboxes when using an External Datasource

Hello all. It’s been a hot minute.

I’m looking for some guidance on the quickest/best means of, as the topic says, populating the comboboxes on the Tracker View of a dashboard.

I’m a little rusty and built the external BAQ, formatted the data within, built out the dashboard, formated and aligned everything, dealt with a compile error, and finally got to the tracker to find out that they are not automatically populated as they are when using a regular BAQ.

I’ve found that it’s pretty much a non-starter to try to link an External BAQ with internal data tables, of which these are, SalesRep and Ice.UDCodes specifically.

I’ve got them set up as Views on the external BAQ so they populate correctly in the data grid, and I’ve seen there are plenty of ways to do the comboboxes, but time is short and I’m happy to leave my researching for another time.

Any tips on best practices in this situation? Thanks in advance for your time and effort on this issue. Much appreciated.