Populating records with DMT, need GUID?

So I have a UD table that has a GUID for the key1. Normally the creation is being processed by a 3 party app that we had developed.

What I need to do is be able to add rows into the table with DMT. (probably). I have no problem getting the correct information except I need a new GUID. Is there something that I can do in a BAQ to generate those? Or is there something that DMT can do to generate those?

As I’m thinking about this, it will probably be an updateable BAQ with post processing BPM that has a generate guid C# command. Does that sound like a doable plan?

Adding a row to an Epicor table will create it’s own GUID, so don’t try to alter that one or set it.
If you want a custom GUID to store in a different field, you might think about using this thing

I did a quick test with a simple query. I made the query updateable, advanced BPM only. Then added a post processing BPM called GetGuid.

Then I just added this custom code.

And presto, I now have the BPM generating GUIDs for me.

Now I just need this to adapt to a usable form.