PopupMenuTool Order and Icon

I added a new tool to the “NewMenu”, but I’m curious as to how to go about adding it to the end of the collection instead of the start?


Additionally, how can I display that new icon text to it?

Okay, so I got the image by stealing it from another tool:

	newPotfTool.SharedProps.DisplayStyle = ToolDisplayStyle.ImageAndText;
	newPotfTool.SharedProps.AppearancesSmall.Appearance.Image = this.baseToolbarsManager.Tools["NewMenuTool"].SharedProps.AppearancesSmall.Appearance.Image;

Still stuck on the order, though.

Got the order.
Looks like it depends on where the code is.
If you add the tool in the initialize, the other menus haven’t been loaded yet, so your tool will be first.
If you add it on load, then all of the native menus will be there and it will be added to the end.

For what it’s worth, you can customize where you put it using

Thanks for being my rubber duck!