PORel DMT Error PORelTGLC is not available

I am trying to import a lot of PO via DMT.with the PORel and the GL Account. When I do the import, I do not know what should the TGLCTranNum should be. If the value is wrong, then I get this error called. PORelTGLC is not available. If I leave the TGLCTranNum out, then the GL Account will not get updated.Any ideas?


Here are my Fields for the DMT file.

Company PONum VendorVendorID OrderDate DueDate TermsCode ShipViaCode ShipName ShipAddress1 ShipAddress2 ShipAddress3 ShipCity ShipState ShipZIP ShipToConName EntryPerson BuyerID PrintAs ReadyToPrint Approve ApprovedBy ApprovedDate Confirmed OrderHeld CommentText PODetail#Company PODetail#PONUM PODetail#POLine PODetail#PartNum PODetail#LineDesc PODetail#VenPartNum PODetail#ClassID PODetail#TaxCatID PODetail#DueDate PODetail#QtyOption PODetail#CalcOurQty PODetail#IUM PODetail#CalcVendQty PODetail#PUM PODetail#DocScrUnitCost PODetail#CostPerCode PODetail#CommentText PORel#Company PORel#PONum PORel#POLine PORel#PORelNum PORel#DueDate PORel#XRelQty PORel#RelQty PORel#Plant PORel#ProjectID PORel#TranType PORelTGLC#GLAccount PORelTGLC#TGLCTranNum PORelTGLC#BookID

I think you should use the below fields as well.




But my question is what did you set the TGLCTranNum to? You leave it out??

Leave it out, it should get generated by last sequence + 1.

Hi Prashanth,

Tested it. It looks like the GL Account won’t update if the TGLCTranNum is not set as a column. Any ideas?

Hello @TobyLai. Have you tried including the column, but just set it to 0, just like you were adding an order and having it auto generate the order number?

As per the DMT, below is the description for this field. It should auto-generate.

“Internal identifier used to keep records unique for the related record. The system generates this number by finding the last TranGLC record for the RelatedToFile-Key1-Key2 etc. and adding 1 to it.”

Yes, I gathered that column is required in order for GL Account to be updated.

If you set it to 0, sometimes you will get PORelTGLC is not available. Then I have to reimport and then set it to 1.

I sometimes do not like importing the same file twice as it can mask potential errors.

Working the same issue you had a year ago.
Did you solve it?

Well, you have to do it twice, DMT with 0 first, and then DMT again with 1. If you run it twice, you will get all the data in.

Thanks for the quick reply —
Issue is that I am not importing the POReleases.
Rather we have changed to a new book with a different chart of accounts, so I need to remap all to the new structure. Because Pur-UKN uses the Account on the PO, (unless I rewrite the posting rule, which I may do), I need to reinitialize the GL acct.
If I click the button, Get Default, then the DMT load works, because the new Book is pulled in.
clicking the button - fires this method - ChangeExpAcct

I will let you know if I get further with this.