Possible to Filter Print Styles By Name

We have a lost of print styles of Order Acknowledgment. We would like to separate them into two different print buttons one for type A and one for type B. Is it possible to do this in the Kinetic environment. I see options for row filtering on the Reusable Combo for the styles box but I haven’t figured out how to use this. Should I be looking there or at the StyleList data view?

Hi Darcy,

A couple of questions:

Do you have Advance Print Routing?

When would one use Type A and when would one use Type B?

We might have Advance Print Routing but I don’t think that’s what we want here since the when would it be used is entirely based on user choice and the same user can print both forms.
We just want them on two separate buttons to clean up the list a little. Sort of like Order Acknowledgment and Pro-forma Invoice

I also find that people are creating lots of versions of each report when there really is only a small change (like logo or show/hide price). Additionally, you can use logic from the data to show/hide whole sections.
A big example was a customer who had 9 SO Acks. 3 for each type of order times 3 for each language. We simplified it to a single report which made edits SOOOO much easier.

Yes, APR is a great tool too, but eventually, you are managing a huge debt of reports.

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Unfortunately this is not what we need the second list for in this instance. It is an almost completely different report as far as formatting. Not something that can be handled by logic.

If 2+ reports styles are required, then there are also Alternate Report Styles and Routing Rules to help. For instance, if the ReadyToFulfill checkbox is false, print one version and if it is true, print another.

It is not a logic driven choice. It is a user selection. One Format A can be printed under all the exact same program conditions, and by the same user, as Format B. The only difference is what the user needs the print. Hence the desire for a separate button. Where we have been able to we have utilized l logic to drive changes between companies and products on forms but unfortunately this is not such a case.

Are you saying that you have a ton of formats (more than A and B) that you use may want to select? And for any one order, they would want to choose many of them?


You may be able to make a BPM that restricts the list of Styles that is fetch for the form. Lots of examples on this site for how to do that for things like hiding Ship Vias form a list.


This is usually done by tweaking the “whereClause” which is what filters the results that the DB will return.

The tricky part might be figuring out which Instance of the Order Ack printing form was invoked.

Gut feel here is that this is being misused. I’m OK being wrong though :smile:
You could name the styles so they sort in a meaningful way and you could also create a customization on the print screen that allows the user to filter the dropdown list by typing into a textbox.
Another option would be a tab on Order Entry/Tracker with buttons that can print the many styles on click.

Styles do not sort by name the sort by Style ID which is generated by the system when you create the style. So even though they do have useful and meaningful names that is not how Epicor sorts them.
Perhaps I did not explain well but what users want here is another button (tool) in the overflow menu where the can click to see just one subset of styles or the other.
An example of this is on Order entry which has both Order Acknowledgment Report and the Pro-Forma invoice. The difference here being that all these styles use the OrderAck as their “Master” style.

You can change the sorting with a BPM (I think)
As for the filtering, it sounds like you e got a lot of coding required if the logic can’t be simplified.

Jason Woods

I don’t know how else to say it but there is NO logic it is 100% a user choice. They just want two lists.