Potential Vantage Contract work for web integration

Our company has purchased Vantage (8.0.400B version) and Service
Connect. We are trying to create a custom ordering site which will
connect to Vantage business objects and perform functions like: Logging
users in(using Vantage Users), Storing and searching addresses for
users that are shared and private, Searching Parts, Showing all part
information, Update Parts, Placing Orders, Showing Order Status, Order
email alerts and reporting. All of this is on a customer level. Have
Vantage setup with one company, which is us and customers beneath. We
will need to create customer specific ordering portals.

We are working away at doing this but because of lack of documentation
and tight timelines we would like to try and get someone in who has
experience with this type of integration to help us.

Is there anyone interested in doing some contract work for us. We are
in the Cleveland, OH area.