PPV, AVG Cost & Foreign Exchange Revaluations

Trying to increase my “Forever Alone” count here…

We are average cost and do Foreign Exchange Revaluations at the start of each month.

Someone in Finance raised the fact that their group edit list was showing PPV amounts.

Checking a few parts on the PO all was standard i.e. 3 lines of inventory transactions, no misc charges anywhere and invoice matched the PO exactly. PO was raised in OCT and received in OCT with an ADJ-CST transaction. Invoice date is 27th OCT…

… so thinking as I type foreign exchange has no impact as we haven’t moved out of OCT on any of the transactions. Odd the Edit list shows the PPV which maps to the change in FOREX rate exactly.

ADJ-CST transaction is created, then there should be some difference between the receipt entry and the invoice.
Cross check

  • the receipt qty against invoice qty.
  • the receipt unit cost against invoice unit cost.