Predictive search maintenance

Possibly a dumb question but where is predictive search maintenance?

I searched:

…and I don’t see it.

What is it under?

It’s not on the menu unless you explicitly add it.
Gotta right-click a field.



Typical epicor move.

Thank you.

One other question, how do you apply the predictive search to all users?

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I recently discovered an issue with predictive searches. They don’t appear to get added to a solution when building

When you build the solution you will get a message “The search ID is already used as a predictive search”

Not sure if it is the fact that you need to add in predictive searches as a solution element, but they search predictive search in question did appear when you used the searched the Quick Searches element.

The workaround I used was to use the list view and do a paste insert.

A case was logged with Epicor. Ultimately the response was that his was fixed in 2022.x. We are on 2022.1.13 (maybe it’s a 13 thing).

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Can you allow 2 search options on one field? Without predictive search I can put customer id and hit enter and it fills it in. With predictive search enabled to be able to search by name and return customer id, I can no longer just put the id in. Is there a different way to do this?

We are on 2023.1 and I still have the same problem. i tried 2 things:

  • Solution via Quick Search: Same message as you so ‘The search ID is already used…’. That means that it’s not added to the solution so when installing, it doesn’t work
  • When adding content to a solution, in the search window there is ‘User Defined’. This one is not working

Also, if you do a copy / paste new in the Kinetic Screen (Predictive Search Entry), that won’t save and won’t work. It only works in the Classic screen so right now that’s my workaround:

  • Import every BAQ from a solution
  • For each predictive search, go in the Classic screen (Predictive Search Entry) and paste insert