Predictive Search or button search in BAQ Parameter in Dashboard (Kinetic)


I am trying to add predictive search in BAQ parameter in kINETIC Dashboard but it is not working for me. Do we have any other options to search for the parameters. I have tried this drop down using another BAQ but it is taking too long time to show the results in the drop down.

Strictly theorizing here as I have not actually tried this, but how about instead of a combo, just a text box with “Enable Search” set to true on the field?

How I can enable search with text box?

Check the box that says “Enable Search”.

when I create parameter in the BAQ?

I mean where is the Enable Search checkbox?

It’s in the properties of the textbox within App Studio…

Can we hold parameter textbox in App Studio ? which is coming from BAQ

You can do whatever you want. It’s just bound to a specific EpBinding. Outside of that, make it whatever control you want.

Not sure but I cannot find BAQ parameters controls in the App Studio :frowning:

This doesn’t work. Is there any other way to enable Part search?

Did you wire up the event to actually make it do something? Properties > Behavior

I am actually doing below:

which works fine if Enter manual part number (in above screenshot) and hit button click. Now I just want to make this field searchable.

what should I choose here?

Nothing. Delete that.
Go to the part textbox where you enabled the search. Go to its properties > Behavior and click the search one. It will do the trigger for you. After that–search this forum for a post on how to wire up the search; I’ve written a few about it.

Thanks Hannah. but can you share me the link of the post. I am not able to find any.

I got it from this. It is enabling search but not returning value to my text box. Do you know what I am missing?

done with Search Value set event. Thanks :slight_smile: