Prevent adding people from tasks on to quotes as salespeople

As we start to use Quote Tasks more, we discovered that lots of non-salespeople ‘salespeople’ have been added to quotes. We tracked it down to tasks - When you add a task, it seems Epicor adds the task person to quote as a sales person (person tab). This is making commissions messy.

Is this something in our configuration, or is it base Epicor behavior? I did a trace, and when you change a person on a task, the Quote.Update method fires.



Workforce doesn’t have anything unusual for our non-salespeople:

Could the Roles under Workforce be used to segregate the salespeople from non-salespeople, then a BPM to prevent adding the non-salespeople as a task asignee?

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@askulte, what you are saying is that adding them as an assigned-to on the task also adds them to the quote as a salesperson?

That would work. How could the BPM prevent adding the salesperson to the quote sales rep table (QSalesRP)? Trace shows it’s using the Quote.Update method. Somehow catch a QSalesRP RowMod “A” (added) and re-set it to “D” (delete)?

Do they get added at 0% commission?

Could you filter them out of your commission report and explain to users that they are only in the quote>salespeople tab because of the task?

That may be a stretch, but I am trying to think what you could do without code.

Exactly. I edited my original post to be a more clear.

Yes, 0%. We currently do filter them out, but it’s messy, and the commission reports are always getting modified, sliced, and diced. It’d be good to eliminate the extra work. We could do a weekly (or daily) BAQ cleanup, feeding a DMT, and automate it (I need to learn) with powershell. But I’m thinking if we eliminate the person getting added as a salesperson, then it’s a cleaner process.

Seems weird that Epicor would do it. Bug? I can’t imagine it’s a feature, but maybe I’m doing things wrong.

There are so many things with CRM that are not documented so who is to say if it is a bug or not.

I am working on one now where it seems CRM requires that a salesperson is assigned to the customer otherwise it doesn’t default a salesperson into the quote header when you create a new quote… even if there is a primary sales rep in the customer’s territory… We do commissions by territory not customer specific.

I see what you mean by making it cleaner, I sense you have many reports/dashboards looking at the q sales rep table so you’d have to modify all of those to filter out the sales reps that are not sales reps.

It seems like you are on the right track though, I don’t know what method is adding the rep to the table though. I am intrigued.

@askulte there is some code in the last post on this thread that looks like it deletes all the reps that aren’t primary reps.

I don’t think that is your exact use case, but maybe you can use the code?

Default Salesperson on Quote/Orders - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (

Thanks, @utaylor!

I put in EpiCare Case CS0002547477 - Task People Incorrectly Added to Quotes as Sales Reps, and the ultimate response was “working as designed since 9.05”. I don’t understand why you’d want to add everyone to the quote as a salesperson (i.e. the credit manager or the scheduler) .

I’ve even tried setting workforce and task roles to non-sales (aka set it to Credit or Project Management), but no matter what, a new person on a task is added to the quote as a new salesperson.

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I am wondering what they are going to say. For some reason I feel like I had to work around this, but never asked myself, why are they being added as salespeople in the first place.

@jdewitt6029 do you see this happening on your quotes?