Prevent an operation from showing on traveler

is there a way i can deselect an operation from printing on the traveler? We have a couple of operations that are internal quality checks and we have been burned in audits because an operator will mark down scrap parts (decreasing the running qty) that will magically re-appear down the process line (the parts we reworked/welded/etc and thus, ok for production). we have our own internal inspection sheets so its not like we are hiding anything.

So is there anyway to do this within the native application?

No checkbox or anything to exclude from traveler, but you could just modify the report to exclude that operation by code. Or if you need it more flexible creating a UD checkbox for “ExcludeFromTraveler” and filter the report section visibility. Both methods could apply to crystal or ssrs depending where you are at on that.


so updating the traveler to exclude those two operations sounds like an easier path. I know i could use DMT to check off all of the jobs that need it but since EVERY job needs it, id rather just update the report and not have to customize a menu. Whats the proper expression to limit those two? Currently the expression is


do i use the NOT item under Logical/Bitwise?

You can write a logical expression on the visible/hidden property of the text box if the operation is one of those two. Or you could write that logic into the value expression as you put above…

Is this the Visibility Properties you were talking about? Im also not sure what the proper expression should be to hide these…

That’s it. return true or false not “HIDE”/“SHOW” (maybe you were doing that for demonstrational purposes so disregard this if that is the case).

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haha um…yea totally for demonstration purposes. Anyway, i replaced hide and show with true and false and im going to give that a shot. Im a little worried about the “or” in the middle of my expression. Is that the proper format for this application? or am i better suited writing out 1 expression for 1 opcode and then adding a semicolon or colon and adding in the 2nd expression?

I am not able to answer this with any good reasoning behind it so I’ll leave it up to you. It is Microsoft visual basic, you could try googling a little to see what others have to say. It is an if statement with multiple conditions.

gotcha ill dive a little deeper…it did seem to hide parts of the line, but the line is still hanging around. ill take what weve talked about and check out the VBA forums or SQL forums. thank you!

what do you mean, “the line?”

If you want to hide the row you can put that expression on the row visibility property instead.

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By line i meant the whole OPERATIONS line. Below is an example of 2 “lines”…

after right clicking the field and using the visibility tab’s “Show or Hide based on an expression” check box, i entered in the expression in the picture from my previous comment. I took out the “or” part and the second code just to prove this would work and i got the following…

So for some reason it only affected the description of that line. I tried this again with the Seq No. field and still, the Oper. field displays RawFPI.

I was not the original creator of this entire report so im not sure why when i add a visiblity clause under Oper., the description disappears. But when i enter the clause under Seq No. the proper field is hidden.

Just to reiterate, I dont want there to be an operations line for these OpCodes anywhere on the report.

This worked!!!

I didnt realize i could do these visibility properties to the entire group/section of the report. As you can see below, there SHOULD be 140 and 150 rows.

I added the IIf( clause to the group at the bottom of the report and even with the “or” section of it i was able to hide those two rows. Thank you so much for being patient with me and helping out!

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Hey All, despite this post being answered i have a follow up question that someone recently asked me…

is there a way to hide a field ( in this case the blank textboxes on the right that we use to sign off on operations) depending on which operation is being shown? Ive just been asked to undo everything this post is about and instead, hide these sign offs when one of the “reference only” operations appears.

Just like the row, other objects have a visibility property. So for your textboxes, you can write the same expression in their visibility property.

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