Price List Review

How do manufacturing companies use epicor when the price on the price list of sold items keep on changing

What do you mean? Epicor uses the most effective date on price lists

If your price changes change the price list accordingly and your next order should reflect the new price

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@josecgomez i want a scenario where i can update an existing sales order to use the current price list. i work in an organization sales orders are done daily and prices are reviewed on a weekly basis.

We also had this same thing come up in conversation the other week.

I am interested in hearing some people’s solution to this.

Jane, are you quoting or ordering?

It seems odd. If I put in a PO for a product of yours at $10 this week, are you saying that when you ship it you’re going to change the price and now I have to pay more?

@utaylor i am ordering. We sell on a daily basis and invoice at the end of the week once prices fro the week have been confirmed. The sales orders at that time uses last weeks price list

Hmmm okay, I’ll give this some thought.

I don’t know of any auto-update price function.

Currently are you going back to the order and updating the price or are you updating it at the invoice level after shipping it?

We are using and updatable dashboard and the order level to update prices, but it takes long. The reason we are trying to explore if we have fully utilized the system capability

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Oh for sure, definitely want to take advantage of whatever functionality is already built in.

I think that Epicor probably didn’t think of industries like horticulture that have a unique pricing schema like yours.

Jane, is there any way you can automate it though? If the dashboard is working well, I am sure you could contract help or build a function that did the same thing. I have a great person in mind to help build you somethign if you need help and it will be done well.