Price List Update

Hi all,

Me again! Is there any way to update 4 different price lists at once? We have euro price list and a british pound one and the other two are base price.

Is there any to update these using customisation? e.g If a price is entered it will calculate the euro rate and the GBP rate and update them all against the given part number.

Not sure where to start with this one!

yes, have done it in previous workplace.

used updatable baq and advance bpm to update the price in various price list.

Hi Prakash.

Do you have a copy of your UBAQ? I can test in our Test DB.

It sure does sound like what I’m trying to do you’ve done!

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i dont have it, i will try to reachout colleague at previous place mate.

if your unsure where to with, start updating 1 pricelist.
1.write a baq with list of parts, and updatable baq custom field to change price
2.when the price is changed, in the advanced bpm, find list of pricelist having the partnumber and change the unit price.

All of our parts are in the same price lists.

So it would be a case of updating them all at once.

Do you have a copy of a example BPM?

@aarong here is a snippet for pricelist from the peers