Pricing Discounts on Net not Gross

We are in the process of moving to Kinetic and have a major customization around pricing discounts on the net dollar amount, not the gross dollar amount when there are multiple discounts involved. Epicor standard is to calculate the discounts based on the gross amount, not the net amount.

An example would be if we are discounting a product 30% and then giving an additional 5% special discount. Epicor would give a 35% discount; 30% of gross sale, then 5% of gross sale. Our customization gives 30% of gross sale, then 5% of net sale (5% on the balance).

We are told this is an industry standard by our marketing team. We are wondering how many other companies using Epicor have this kind of discount price calculation. If you do, please reply to this and what industry you represent.

Thank you!

Here’s what I did.

  1. Set up the main price list giving 30% off of that product.
  2. Set up the special price list giving 5% off that product.
  3. Attach the main price list to the customer/customer group’s Price List.
  4. Attach the special price list to the customer/customer group’s Discount Price List.

When you enter the order, it will take 30% off of the unit price, then the additional 5% off of the net.

When entering an order this is how it looks. Notice both price lists are listed:

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Thanks, Doug! Do you ever have more than one discount? We might give an additional 5% but it’s broken down as 3% going to one GL account and the other 2% going to another.

I’m not aware of a way to split GL accounts based on price list.

Maybe you could create an allocation group to handle splitting the values for the Sales Discount, but that would be for the entire 35%.