Print 1099 Forms - Fields not lining up w\Government Form


When we print the 1099 Form from our E10.1.600 database it is not lining up with the pre-printed Government 1099-MISC Form. I only seem to have a Standard US 2014-SSRS and a Standard US 2015-SSRS Report Style available. I’m assuming I need a Standard US 2018-SSRS Report Style to match up with the Government form we are using? If so, how can I get a copy of this Report\Report Style and load it into our database? I’m assuming we need to contact Epicor but just wanted to better understand what we are missing so I know what to request.

I’ve tried printing with various Printer Settings and Options selected but the information just does not line up in the boxes.

Thank you for any help anyone can provide,

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good one. we are going to test our forms next week when they come in and ours says Standard US 2017-SSRS but the forms will be 2018.

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I wanted to update this post with some instructions on how to modify the 1099 Form in Epicor for use in any environment whether you use Fox It Reader or Adobe Reader or any Printer Driver.

Epicor tried to supply another modified .rdl file to us (so you might want to try their’s first?) but I had some troubles getting it to work in our database. So I just went ahead and modified the .rdl that we already had.

Here are some instructions for modifying the 1099 Form in Epicor to match up with the Government pre-printed 1099-MISC form:

1099 Form - How to Modify_e10help.pdf (327.4 KB)

I’m still new to SSRS and Report Builder but this is what worked for us.

I hope this helps someone out there!

BTW, sorry for the CustomReports \ _CustomReports path, it’s something quirky and a little confusing that I setup when I was first learning SSRS and haven’t had time nor reason to change…yet. :blush:


Ah, pity I didn’t see your OP, I just did this last week. Its not too bad - just involves printing and uploading your report a bunch of times till its lined up just right.

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Thanks, Heather! Funny thing is that this is one of my tasks and you maybe the one to help solve it!!

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Nice write up. To reduce the number of iterations of bumping the text boxes around, select all of them and turn their boarders on. Then you know exactly how much each needs to move after the first print. Also take advantge of the Alignment tools when editing the RDL


Great ideas @ckrusen! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

So we are having an issue with the 1099NEC printing. The first record prints perfect, however the 2nd form adjusts by almost a 1/4 inch. If we try to adjust the print area it then moves the print on the first doc. Every field should be printing 5 1/2" from document to document, but it appears to be printing at 5 1/4 at the next change in recordt. This is ridiculous…how can you get this form to print the next record at 5 1/2" and not 5 1/4? The docs are expensive and I don’t purchase in excess so that I can fight this program every year. Any suggestions

Such a touchy report.

These things are always such a pain every year. Thankfully, management wanted me to keep working on other tasks so they bought some other software for like $100 to do the 1099 printing this year.

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I recall a few people were uploading their versions every year.

Aren’t all 1099 forms the same for govt reporting purposes?

Some companies might not use all the boxes, but…

For 2020 1099Misc for contractors need to be on a 1099NEC form and the boxes have changed on where you report their income, from 7 to 1, so we had to revamp the form and even the slightest adjustment sends the second form on the page out of wack. If you measure the repeat should be printing every 5 1/2 ", but when I measure from form to form each print area is set at 5 1/4, so no matter what I do it’s going to print the 2nd record on the page out of the print area