Print AR invoices in a different language for Reporting purposes

We have a new Company in our Epicor, based in Spain. They have need sometimes to reprint invoices in the Spanish language when the Customer is based in an English speaking country for some reporting to tax authorities. I could find no easy way to do this in Epicor. The only method I found is to change the Customer language, save, reprint the invoice, then change the language back. Does anyone else know of a better way to do this built into Epicor?

We had to provide a bilingual invoice for a number of customers. We just went the way of creating a bilingual report style that the user selected when required.

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We have a similar situation with China. We use a dashboard with a UBAQ to allow users to change the language themselves. They use that, restart Epicor and then they print the invoices in Chinese. Once finished, they repeat the above to change back to English. Not a perfect solution but works for us.

The dashboard and UBAQ are in the attach if you think it helps. It has only Chinese and English options so you’ll need to adjust it to your requirements. To do that, open the BAQ, go to Update - General Properties tab and press Advanced Column Editor. See the Values Editor - you’ll need to get the codes for the languages you want. Note that languages and culture format have different codes.

ChangeLanguage.dbd (88.3 KB)