Print/Email Invoice Button Causes E10 to Hang

We are on Epicor 10.0.700.4 (I know it is an older version) and we have a unique issue. Our accounting department has a screen that contains a print/email invoices button and upon them clicking this button and processing things it causes Epicor to hang and eventually throw a crash pop up where they have to close out of Epicor and start the process all over again. I have tried this on my machine and the user/accounting personnel’s machines and same thing happens. I have tried it on Win 10, Win 7, and it still occurs regardless of OS. Additionally, I have updated the print drivers/firmware on the printer that usually prints these out and it still happens. I am attaching a screen shot and if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like someone customized this for you… It’s likely there. If you use the standard print button it likely works.

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Yes sir, this is a customization. We get to it by going to Company Name > Financial Mgmt > General Ops > Accounts Rec > Invoice Tracking. We then type in the invoice and hit the print icon or go to actions > print. From there, the screen pops up and there is a button that says Print/Email invoices. The email part works fine, however, the print portion does not.

This is only affecting one user on one machine. My boss, myself, and the accounting manager can all print using this customization.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I might look for? The person who created this customization is no longer here, and I am not a programmer at all.

You may need to delete their personalization and/or clear their client cache.

Jason Woods

I have cleared the client cache and deleted/purged personalizations, but no success.

Also, I just tried from another machine, and it did not work, however, I did it from my machine and the accounting mgr’s machine and it worked. I use Win 7 Pro SP1, accounting manager has Win 10 v.1803.

I should also correct my original statement by saying Epicor does not hang, but the print screen that is suppose to pop up stays minimized until I right click it in the task bar and select maximize. We use Epicor 10.0.700.4

This particular user is our AR/AP person. We only have 2 users in our accounting dept. We only have 60 users total.

You may have to send the customization and trace log.

Jason Woods

Jason, can you let me know how I might do that? As mentioned, the programmer who made this customization is no longer here, so not sure where to start or how I could view those said logs?

Customization Maintenance allows you to view the code from Actions > Show Details
Trace Logging depends on if you use Classic or Metro view.
You may also want to send a screenshot or two.

can you go into developer mode and then open the customization to see the code?

Then check the on button click event to see what is going on. If you have questions you may need to post the code.