Print Icon Greyed out on PO Entry

This is a new one to me.

E9 progress

There is one user who cannot print Purchase orders from PO Entry. She is able to print from PO Tracker.

I checked on the security, and there is no security restrictions on Table or processes.

Has anybody seen this before?

Are you sure they are printing the same PO from Entry and Tracker? The PO must be approved in order to print it.

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100% sure…

and yes, it’s approved.

That is odd. I have never seen that before. hmmmm… no personalization screwing it up?

Did you try unapprovingly it and approving it before printing.

Nope. not even a customization on that screen…

Is the person trying to print the PO an Authorized user for that Buyer Code?

Mark W.

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Did you get a fix to this?
We have a user with the same problem…they can print ok from the PO Tracker, and it is approved.

Yes. It was a bad personalization. I deleted her personalization and all was well after that.

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