Print label for each part

Hello everyone

I need some ideas on how I can print label for each part.

What do I have so far?

  1. I have a BAQ with the information I need.

    and I need two adittional fields for Quantity and Copies so I don’t have to save this information in the table

  2. Also create a new form with UD37 and added a new record manually to confirm that the information appears

  3. I have reached that point. The help requested from you is to know how I have to populate the UD37 table, if it is through Data or Method Directive and how I can do this?

Anyone who can help me would appreciate it.

I’m not sure exactly what your trying to do, but if you are using a BAQ to generate part data and want to be able to dynamically pass quantity and number of copies, why not define quantity and number of copies as parameters in the BAQ and reference them in calculated fields?

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With the information obtained from the BAQ I need to print a label for each part.

Don’t group by part number on the SSRS report.

You should get a label for each different part number returned into the dataset.

The label must be created through BarTender y not with a PDF file

Is this a one time deal or what?

Well, Apparently those are the conditions

Mario, is this something you need to do just one time for someone? Or is this part of an every day process or every week process? I’m not understanding the full business case.

We can print the label anytime

So you want to print every part in your system at any time or any set of parts in your system at any time?

You can output the BAQ results to csv and probably read that from a bartender integration if that’s something of interest to you.

Alternatively you can build a bartender REST integration and send the BAQ json result set to the integration that can read it and parse through each record performing a print for each record sent…

In summary
We need to print a label of this type from Receipt Entry
image it has a dimension of width 4 inches by height 1 inche.
The question is:
Can I do it from an SSRS file or from the Bartender?, What would be the correct way to do it?

If you are printing from Receipt Entry, then you want to create a new SSRS report style for the Material Labels (or tags). (MtlLabels, or MtlTags). Then you can modify the SSRS report in Report Builder any way you want. If you need to add in details that are not included in the dataset, then you will have to modify or create a new data definition.