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Is anyone using an alternative program for Print Preview-ing in
Vantage? You know... all those Progress programmed reports that come up
in that miserable window that can't be maximized or copied & pasted from?

You can specify the program of your choice in Vantage.Ini. Plain old
WordPad works, but doesn't offer a single key print function. I went out
looking for share-ware text editors that could be used, but haven't had
time to locate & evaluate many. So I thought I'd run it by y'all.

Ideal specs / requirements:
* Able to specify file pathname on command line.
* Window can be maximized or sized as desired.
* Regular windows "copy" functionality available.
* Quick & easy "print all" function; maybe via customizable tool bar.
* Ability to print a selected range of pages.
* Able to specify file as read-only.
* Global (& lockable) config file to specify screen & printer fonts,
margins, above parameters, etc.

Any suggestions? Mike... wanna write one :)

-Wayne Cox

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