Print Routing - AP Remittance

Can anyone help me fix this? I’m trying to set up print routing for our AP Remittances and I keep getting the error: Unable to send to all recipients. I’m not sure what I’m missing. I’ll post screenshots below.

I’d guess that one or more vendor emails is messed up.

Change the TO: to yourself, and add that VENDOR-EMAIL field in the body. Run the report again, and you should get an email for each vendor, with their email as it renders in the body.


After looking at the break/routing design, I have to ask how you have CheckHead records with a null value for the Company field.

Also, what is: it breaking on, the condition block, and the No Email filter?

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I tried running just a single record with my own email previously to test and it didn’t work whether I hard-coded the email address or not.

TBH, I just copied the information from a customer invoice routing that worked and changed it from the AR to the AP info. I’ll go back and do some fixing. I just didn’t know where to start. Thank you!

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HI Calvin,

Is there a way to contact you or someone outside of a specific thread to ask a non-related question?

Curious to see what you used in your condition block?