Printers disappearing on W9X workstations

Interestingly, in going through settings and such to combat this issue, I
ran across a setting for our server network cards that amazed me. There was
a power option that would power down the NICs (two onboard ) 3com980C-TXM
after 20 minutes of idle time. I'm amazed that such an obscure setting
would be defaulted to shutdown such a key component. I didn't see this
option on our other standard cards (3Com 905TX).

Shirley Graver
Systems Administrator
Rubber Associates Inc.
Cleveland/Akron, OH

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We have had the same problem. It only occurs on our shipping/receiving pc
which is mainly used for printing packing slips and UPS labels. It is also
running McAffee software.

Sandy Morse
BVR Aero Precision Corporation