Printing error

Sometimes, when I want to print something, Epicor shuts down for no particular reason. This happens when I try to print an invoice, packing slip, order etc.
When I check the system monitor, the following error message is showing:
“ERROR: Run in preview mode from System Monitor for details. Arithmetic operation resulted in an over”
That is all, no more details. It stops with “over”. Epicor shuts down, and I have to start it up again.
When I try to print the same document there are no issues. It also happens very randomly.
Anyone an idea what this can be?

We’ve been dealing with sporadic printing issues too (client closes with no message for one user on just her computer when printing AP Payment Entry checks, and another one where the SOPL print preview never pops up from a few MES clients). Epicor suggested we run in 64 bit mode. We’re testing that currently.

Change your shortcut path:
before: C:\Epicor\Client\Epicor.exe “/Config=ERP102700.sysconfig”
after: C:\Epicor\Client\Epicor64.exe “/Config=ERP102700.sysconfig”

Wondering if there was a solution to this. We seem to be getting this randomly as well.

It got better when we replaced the user’s computer with something newer, and 16GB ram instead of 8… Not sure if that was the issue… You could always run the client in memory leak mode to see if there’s any correlation to limited RAM and crashes…