Printing Issues

We are virtualized with two VM’s: 1 for all SQL Db and 1 for App server and task agents.

Everything was going decent until I added the patch to go from 10.2.600.6 to 10.2.600.12 this past Friday. I first noticed that users were not able to print anything so I restarted the Ice Service (my mistake, learned to use the Agents instead). Except the Ice service would not shut down without going to CMD. So I called Tech support and we removed and reinstalled the task agent. That seemed to help for the most part.

Now our print routing only works when I route to a client printer (even though the client is attached to the print server…:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:). Next we have a order entry CSG created so could enter a mass amount of orders at one time. It worked on Monday, but not today. Errored out and it seems like it is not reading the files anymore. All that was done yesterday was removing and reinstalling Epicor.

My question is, is this because of too much hitting the servers at one time for the printing or because of the update? (Could it be a red herring that it just happened like this) Do I need to split them again, maybe Appserver on one VM and task agents on another?

Is that all ? :wink:

Do you mean re-creating the Task Agent in Epicor Admin Console?

Or do you really mean taking the whole system down, re-installing Epicor on the server, re-creating the Apps, Task Agents, etc… ?

:joy::rofl:Well, ALL I did was recreate the task agents. Well, we uninstalled the task agent (Epicor Task Agent 3.2.600.0) first then recreated (Epicor Task Agent 3.2.600.12).

@Will79 One of the things Nathan points out in the link below about server side printing is to have a second appserver for task and background processing. I thought there was something tricky to it, but it was just an identical appserver with its own apppool that has the three task agents. I mention it because he says that is the first question they will ask if you have server side printing issues.


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