Printing label with barcode

I need to take a string, something like “1357924680” and print it and a barcode that represents it. Is there a way to do this in a customization? I am not connected to a database or anything. My data will be in C# string variable format.

This is normally done via Bartender, is that what you are using?

You can create a BAQ report then run the report via code to a printer?

You could also go down the route of outputting the string to a text file, then using either custom or off-the-shelf software to pick up and print?

What route are you looking for?

Need more details to help. You could do anything using Bartender, Crystal, (god forbid) SSRS, or even writing your own ZPL files all sending the data, from a BAQ, dashboard, screen customization, or BPM lots of options.

I am looking to stay inside Epicor. BAQ might be my best route.

You can use the BAQ to generate data, but then you still need something to format it and print it. What tools do you have at your disposal for that? If nothing I would highly recommend just buying bartender. It’s not that expensive, and is easy and addicting to use.

If that is your route,
You can on action, run a BAQ report from code .
You can send this to server side printers.

Can help with the code if you go down that route and get stuck.

thanks ,

Ok. Thank you.

I found bar tender was too slow for large volumes (e.g. 1000 serial number labels).

The solution I found was from within a customization, to create a ZPL file with the data retrieved from a BAQ (job number, part number etc) and then then copy the file to a networked printer.