Printing Labels On Demand As Parts

We print a label package as part a product when we do kitting. We are doing an Epicor implantations right now and need to wrap our head around how we would print a package of 30 or so labels currently in Bartender but also part of a build of material.

Can anyone hold my hand on this one as I am not an Epicor expert yet .

Welcome Andy! You came to the right place. However, folks here will assume that you have done at least some amount of work or research before tapping the group. If you haven’t visited EpicWeb yet, head over there and download the multitude of guides available for you.

I am no expert in this area either, but I think I can get you started. Let’s assume you are going to keep printing labels the same way you always have using bartender. In your part master, add an operation to print the labels. Add any resources you may need to accomplish the task. If you want staff to record their time and quantity, set this up in the part master. If you just want to backflush the quantity set that up here too.

If the label package is a “part” in Epicor then you can setup the label package as a material that is required for the operation. I am not sure if that is strictly necessary. It depends on your situation.

Tell us more about this job, the parts, materials, and operations required.
Good luck!