Printing large number of Quotes/Sales Acknowledgements?
I have a need to print a large number of quotes and acknowledgements based on a set of quote numbers and order numbers. Usually, this is done one at a time through Quote Entry and Order Entry, however I want to generate a single PDF file for all quotes and acknowledgements selected. Has anyone done this before using the existing reports? How did you go about doing it? Or do I need to create BAQ reports that looks like the quote form and order acknowledgement to accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You can use the Mass Print Sales Orders. You can paste in the list of SO numbers if you have them. Or there is a filter function you can use. Creates a single PDF with them all.


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Chadd, I don’t see the Demand Management submenu in 10.2.200. Is that an add-on module, on a later version, or am I missing something?


Might be a later version thing. We are on 10.2.400. I don’t have our 10.2.200 or 10.2.300 environments still running to check.

There is a “Mass Print Sales Order Ack” function on 10.2.300 under
Sales Management -> Order Management -> Reports

And FWIW - it looks like the QuoteForm printing was only ever designed to work on a single quote.

I took a look inside the Auto Print widgets available in a Data Directive, and see that the OrderAck printing can accept a single Order number or a list of orders to print.


While the QuotForm only accepts a single Quote number

You could do something to cycle through all the desired quotes (like a DD on a UD table) that passed the QuoteNum to the widget. But that would make individual PDF for each Quote. You’d have to then combine them yourself.

Thanks, Calvin! I was afraid of that… I did find the Sales Order Acknowledgement DLL and added it to a menu item, so I can paste insert a list of order numbers to it.

You can use a BPM to autoprint based on setting a value and use DMT to set that value.
Breaking and Routing can ensure each report is separate, but the this process would not require that Module.

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Thanks to everyone for responding! Great ideas for handling Quote print. I do have a follow-on question: We don’t use Server printing, and I want to direct the PDFs to a subfolder under my Epicordata\Reports<Username> folder. I’ve tried entering File:\Quote{sequence}.pdf in the Report Options on the report style I’m using, but it won’t write or save the file. Do I need to set up server printing first, or am I missing something else?

I think any of the ways that create a PDF and store it to the server are fairly code intensive.

If you have Adv Print Routing, you could setup a Break Routing (B/R) that will email the document to yourself. Then use an Outlook Rule (takes a bit of VBA - link below), to automatically save the attachment to a folder. B/R is better than the built-in emailing of a report, because B/R will allow you to specify the attachment’s name.

Here’s a link to how to setup Outlook to save the attachment

If you don’t have B/R, you could still use the built-in emailing of a report. But the attachments would all have the same exact filename. You’d have to generate unique filenames in the VBA for the Outlook rule.

I think I might have misled you. You can use the Style options to specify the location of the PDF. Try taking out the \ betweenFile: and Quote

edit: Also change{Sequence} to {Counter}

I created a Report Style and added the following to the Report Option field:

That file ended up as:

The C:\EpicorData part is from the System Agent setting:


The \Reports\<userid>\ is automatically generated at runtime

The MC\SessionAudit00001.pdf is from the {Company}\{ReportId}{Counter}.pdf

If a user can’t directly access that location on the server, then they’ll have to use the Server File Download program. Select Reports from the Directory Type, then use Select file to browse to the file.


@ckrusen Yes, I use this option to generate PDF files.

I have a similar need to print multiple quotes. We currently have the APR module. But have not figured out how to do this. Could you provide some additional details on your proposed solution.

I can pass a list of quotes using the BPM call context data-set but the GUID tables all have one quote.


I have a similar need to print multiple quotes. We currently have the APR module. But I have not figured out how to do this. Could you provide some additional details on your proposed solution.

I can pass a list of quotes using the BPM call context data-set, however the GUID tables will always have one quote.

How do you plan to select the Quotes to print?
Selecting them via a search window? QuoteNum range (like 10000 - 10023), Property on the quote (Quote Date, PartNum, CustID, etc…)?

If you’re looking to do it without any code (which I always prefer), You could use a UD table to hold the quotenumbers to be printed. A DD on the UD table could detect a new record added, and it could use an auto print widget… The quotenum added to the UD table would be used to fill the QuoteNum field in the widget’s settings (see the screen shot of the post you referenced). Have the DD set a field in the UD to indicate it has printed.

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Yes, I was planning on using the search and doing a select of each quote required. Great Idea on the UD table.

I was planning to add a mass-print action menu, which will get the list of quotes in the QuoteList from the search, then open a Quote Submission form, update the BPM context data but was not sure if the AutoPrint widget can take multiple Quote Numbers.

Note sure, if APR can group the quotes into one PDF.

APR (if were talking about Break/Routing) breaks up print jobs. It doesn’t combine them.

The Auto Print widget for a QuotForm based report only accepts a single quote number.

Thanks I see that.