Printing of AP Invoice Edit List

Hello everyone,

My accounting department asks for a printout of the AP invoice. The output of the AP invoice seems to be the AP Invoice Edit List.(There doesn’t seem to be anything else)
But the problem is that this print is only available until I post the AP invoice. After posting the AP invoice, the invoice disappears from the AP Invoice Entry and there is no printing feature in the AP Invoice Tracker.
Is there any way to print the AP Invoice Edit List after posting?
Or is there no other printout to prove the AP invoice?
thanks in advance.

I wonder why one need to print an AP Invoice, it generally given by the supplier. You can attach it as scanned copy with the transaction, and can be retrieved & printed any time thereafter.

What I’m talking about is not the supplier-provided AP Invoice.
We fill it out in the AP Invoice Entry. When creating AP Invoice in AP Invoice Entry, click Print Group Edit List to print AP Invoice Edit List. However, after Post, the corresponding AP Invoice Entry cannot be opened, so it cannot be output any more.

A few thoughts:

  1. No screen or module lets you reprint an edit list. Not AP or AR or bank adjustment or anything. (I wish, though.)
  2. You can, with much effort, get at that same info, after posting, in the tracker screens. See pic below. The tricky thing is that you get new entries in there that were not in the edit list - like the first row in my pic, when there is a debit to AP after the check is cut.
  3. In the past, I have been asked to print a DMR debit memo (which is part of AP Invoice Entry). I never pursued it, but I would think you could make your own SSRS/BAQ report for that or any historical AP invoice.