Priority Dispatch CSV or Excel Format

Has anyone been successful in getting the Priority Dispatch into a usable CSV or Excel format? Using the standard report format these print styles are not useful without a lot of manual manipulation in the excel document. I have a custom SSRS based off the standard report where I have added and moved some fields around but it only looks good printed in PDF.

I have read some post that recommend creating an excel only format and putting the data into a table format. I haven’t tackled that yet.

Duplicating the data into a BAQ report would be the easiest I think. Then just print the report to excel or CSV.

I’d go with an “Excel friendly” Report Style.

I’ve made a few posts with tips for doing such. If I come across any of them, I’ll as links here.


Here’s one

Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up making a separate “CSV” Report Style where I hid all the label and total fields which eliminated the separate columns CSV was generating. I could have just removed them but used Visibility Hide and then gray shaded with a text box explaining the shading. I didn’t trust that I wouldn’t be asked to put something back later :slight_smile: ) I also moved a few fields around to get the columns in the order that matched the PDF report as seems CSV changed the order.