Priority Dispatch Report to Dashboard

Good morning Epicor community, and Happy New Year!

Our company is now using many of the advanced scheduling features in Epicor and to enhance this effort, would like to implement a dashboard of the Priority Dispatch Report. I have a few ideas of where to start, but we’d like to get it as close as possible, if not identical to the printed PDR report.

Has anyone had any success creating a dashboard that replicates the Priority Dispatch Report in Epicor? If so, I’d genuinely appreciate any guidance.

Even if someone could point me to what tables are used in the printed PDR, or a breakdown of the logic, it would be a huge help.

Thanks in advance!

JobProd will be a key table for you that’s where the demand links exist. Beyond that really the dispatch list can be whatever you want from that root table. The printable report leaves a lot to be desired so get creative. We eventually wound up just using our dispatch list dashboard as a scheduling board. Made it updatable to manage job sequences and priorities. it works pretty slick.

Thanks Josh.
Was definitely considering making this an updatable dashboard and I think you’ve helped solidify this decision.
We don’t link jobs to sales orders, but rather to inventory demand. Would you still suggest the JobProd table? After picking apart the PDR, I found that most of these fields appear to come from the JobHead, JobOp, and JobOpDtl tables. At a glance, it seems that the real logic is how the Jobs/Ops are sorted, but I could be wrong.

I would still use job prod regardless of make direct or not that’s still where the demand shows up. It’s a good root table to start with for something like this just in case the powers that be want to do make direct someday. Never say never lol! I have to rebuild mine do to lack of foresight don’t make my mistakes ha ha ha ha

Very true. They change their minds so often, better to be prepared for either or. I’ll be working with them directly to get it exactly the way they want. Thanks again, I’ll keep you posted.

Have you contacted Epicor yet?
They used to have an AnswerBook #: 251MPS “Priority Dispatch Report Notes”
that was helpful. But… that was a long time ago Vantage - Last Revised 10/24/2005

They also had notes on some of the other, more complcated reports too but… I’m not sure they have maintained their report notes since moving to EpicCare.

Hey Bruce,
No I haven’t contacted Epicor regarding this. Usually, when I reach out with specific inquiries such as this, they find a way to redirect the issue by wanting us to initiate a professional service request. EpiUsers has historically been more helpful.

That sounds awesome! Were the AnswerBooks strictly online, or did they have a downloadable (.pdf, .chm) version?

Depended, some were listed, self-serve,while others were by request only - support had to search and forward.
My past experience, you had to get lucky and connect with a support tech who was engaged and didn’t mind doing a little extra digging for me.

As you said, last few years seems like more techs just follow a script and pass you off as soon as things veer even slightly off track ( my guess due to severe internal dept grading they have to deal with at Epicor these days? ).

@mdiemer, I believe there is an updated version of the old AnswerBook document that @bordway mentioned, just try searching EpicCare for “Priority Dispatch Report Notes”…

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Hi Mike,

We have a draft Priority Dispatch dashboard that gets some use, but needs addtl work. You might find it useful as a starting point as well. Here’s the BAQ, developed with info found from experts here! There isn’t anything company specific to us in there except perhaps some joprod UD fields. Here’s a screenshot of it and the dashboard too.

TEIK-JobPriorityDispatchTUSA.baq (48.0 KB)

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@bordway Agreed. Unfortunately, it does seem like your ticket has to be placed in the right hands in order to obtain any real help.

@ScottLepley Thank you sir, this is very helpful. Although, in the section that describes what tables the report references, I was not able to find the “WorkCtr” table in our 10.2.700.13 deployment. Perhaps this was in Vantage? Nonetheless, there is a ton of good info in here, especially regarding the sorting logic.

@Nancy_Hoyt Thank you for sharing this. With all of the support I’ve been provided here, I think I was able to get it pretty close to how the higher-ups want to see it, at least regarding the format/layout. I’ll share some screenshots once I’m finished so we can compare our work!

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s guidance and wisdom here.

I believe in the Vantage days WorkCtr referred to what is now Resource Groups