Process flow

This would be the way that I would do this as well. If you need to show the
status of where the parts are at inside a long operation, breaking the
operation up into several operations that occur inside the "main" operation
would be the easiest way. This would benefit in areas where the customer
might want 25 pieces ASAP, and the balance on a given date. It gives you
the ability to tell the customer more specifically where those 25 parts are
in that process. It may also open up other areas of concern such as tooling
requirements. One thing that might concern me, with respect to our
facility, is the bonus given when making rate. This could pose as a problem
in some instances I would imagine. If your tracking rates, and
efficiencies, these will be effected by the added operations. Any time you
add an operation, your adding cost. It's a judgement call if the cost is
minimal. Customer satisfaction, scrap reduction, and visibility of the run,
might (like you said) give you much better return on your investment.

There's my 2 cents. Good luck with it.

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