Process MRP Randomly Stuck

Good evening Epicor community!
I’m running into an issue where the “Process MRP” task running every morning at 1:00AM will randomly get stuck. When it completes successfully, the system monitor reports it was successful, and it usually completes within 10 minutes of starting. I’ve had it go 7 days in a row where it processes every morning successfully, and than randomly gets stuck on the 8th day. (And processes fine the 9th day, but gets stuck the 10th day). When it does not complete/gets stuck, it stays stuck in the task queue and impacts the users trying to generate PO suggestions, etc, so I end up cancelling the task. I changed the logging level to MRP and Scheduling, as well as the number of agents/schedulers to 4 (each). I can’t find anything indicative of the issue in the MRP logs, but in Event Viewer I found the following error corresponding to a day where MRP got stuck -

Some observations -

  • The transaction is in doubt (Not sure what this means)
  • The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding (Is this talking about the task agent timeout settings?)

Has anyone seen this error before or can help me better understand where the failure lies with this task randomly getting stuck?

As always, I appreciate any help provided!

Have you checked to see if anything else is running at the same time as MRP - VM Snapshots/Backups etc?

Hi Sue!
Just double checked and there are no conflicting administrative tasks that interfere or run at the same time as MRP.
Here’s what I’m seeing -
1:00 AM - Process MRP starts
1:02 AM - Task agent error (screenshots above from event viewer)
1:02 AM - Task agent restarts itself

Here’s the task detail right before I cancelled the task this morning.

Does MRP consistently stop on the same part number (101197)?