Prod Planner Process

Has anyone see where the Production Planner Process just hang and then cancel itself? There isn’t any log files I can set up for this process. Do you know what I might find some log files to see where and why it is choking?
Thanks Kim


I’m not familiar with the process, but whenever I experience unexplained behaviors in Epicor, I rely on three things. 1) I check the System Monitor to see if the process recorded any viewable errors and, if nothing there, 2) I might turn on a trace and see if the resulting XML leads me (at least) to the last thing the process tried to accomplish). Otherwise, 3) I check the Epicor system logs at \YourServerName\Epicor905\Server\Logs.

Not knowing anything about the process you’re working with, I can’t suggest any specific thing to look for, in the system logs, other than phrases that match “Production” and “Planner”. But, if you’re lucky, there may be some entries related to the initialization of that process as well as any errors it may have encountered.

Hope this provides a starting point, or (better yet) that someone more familiar with this process chimes in.