Product Configurator and Operations

Vantage 8.03.405a

I am working on our product configurator and have run across a problem
with rules on operations that I hope someone has an answer for.

We are creating a new part number for each configuration and saving the
input values. Everthing has been working fine on my configurator rules
with the Job's operation materials, but now I need to set the
prodstandard on the operation itself. When I set it, it gets set for
the job, but the operation on the newly created part in the part master
retains the original prodstandard value.

What I don't understand is when I make changes using rules on the job
materials, the method for the newly created part in the part master
reflects these changes. This doesn't work for changes on the job's

So how can I set the prodstandard field from the configurator on the
operation of a part that it creates in the parts master?