Product Configurator / Job w-Phantom Assy / Quote wo-Phantom Assy

We have the following situation:

Top Level Method

Operation 1

Option 1 (related Asm)

Operation 2

Option 2 (related Asm)

Standard Asm

The options are selected during a product configuration. The options
are setup as Phantom Part Numbers. When the job is created all the
parts that belong to Option 1 are linked (and Backflushed) from Option
1. This works beautifully.

The problem is when the Top Level Method is quoted with its various
options, all the Options are read as Phantoms and their related
materials come through. From a sales perspective we could care less
about the materials under the Options. Is there some creative way to
stop the Quote Get Details function from interpreting the Phantom status
on the part master?

Bruce B.

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