Product Configurator - Making use of Sub-configurators or Sub-Assemblies?

Hi, we are trying to create a Single-Page configurator for one of our assemblies. I’ve included a simplified mock-up below.

Top section is to configure the core ‘chassis’ of the top-level assembly.

Each row in the grid beneath represents a sub-assembly that can be added to the top-level. Inputs selected for each sub-assembly will be used to generate a ‘smart’ part number and create a method. The method contains a combination of standard parts. (Technically, 1 million+ combinations are possible).

However, our development consultant set up each sub-assembly as a ‘sub configurator’, each requiring a new page. This meant the configurator was 30 pages long :confused:

This also doesn’t let us review the positions/overall selections in one view, which is necessary for checking/changing the design. Therefore, we want to be able to select inputs for all sub-assemblies on 1 form.

The developer said this is not possible. However, I’ve now heard elsewhere that it is possible by ditching the sub-configurators, and instead building the sub-assemblies using configurator rules.

Has anyone done this, or know if it will work? Would be massively grateful for any information in this area.

Thanks very much.