Production Detail Report

Has anyone been able to replicate the Production Detail Report into a BAQ to report as dashboard? I know it’s a stock report but have a end user that would like it in a useable format to pull into Excel.

If you have access to EpicWeb you could try answerbook 6131MPS “Production Detail Report Notes”. It was added for V8 but should still apply to E10.

Rather than trying to duplicate a stock report with a BAQ report, I sometimes make a copy of a report style and reformat it for Excel. Unfortunately… this approach might also be “a project” in the case of the PDR.

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I thought about redoing the report as well but no way I’m taking that on. I can see the tables but what I cannot figure out are if the are all necessary and which one should be my top-level query vs inner query. I am probably going to just to experiment and see which ways works.

The answerbook 6131MPS “Production Detail Report Notes” will cover most of that if you can find a copy.

What specific information is the user looking to extract from the report? I have a dashboard comprised of several BAQs that mirrors the Production Detail we have used to breakdown a Job’s performance in the past.

The end user is looking for detail on the parts specifically based on part class. In an early post I had to produce a dashboard that summarized these parts. I just feel the detail in the production detail is what they are looking for and need to produce some excel pivots. I am speaking with them next week to define the exact details. I am interested in the dashboard you mentioned. It may provide the answer and details I need to supply our end user.



My dashboard is capable of summarizing the job materials by part class. If you can identify the specific information they would like to use, I can see if I have it currently or what would need to be modified to obtain it.

I’m speaking with her next week and find out exactly what she wants/needs. I appreciate your help.