Production Labor Rate Is Zero (MES)

Is anyone on 10.1.500.14 and noticing when users clock using MES their labor rate does not populate in the LaborDtl.LaborRate column?

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This is a bug related to field security. Supposedly fixed in 500.17 or 500.18

YIKES. We are live on E10.1.500.14 right now, and we do NOT want to be patching again at this point. Is there a workaround for this?

Okay, also looked at the release notes for 10.1.500.17 just now and I don’t see anything about this in there (I just did a quick search for Labor, not sure how else to look). Do you have an SCR number for this issue please?

I created a BPM that will pull in the labor rate from the employee who is clocking to the LaborDtl record if it is zero.

That would probably work tkoch.

For whatever it is worth, I went the Epicor support route (call CS0000382246 ; Fix CR41669MPS ; dunno if there is an SCR, was never told). Turns out it was caused by a bug, which only rears up when you have Field Security set to Default: None on LaborDtl.LaborRate - so we turned this off (set it back to default: FULL); we don’t need it in Epicor 10.1 anyhow, since Epicor removed the field from Time & Expense Entry anyhow. Now things are flowing into that table, and Epicor support provided a data fix (sql script) to fix existing records.

It’s looking like we have the same problem. (10.0.700.4). I looked into the field security on that field and it’s already set to full. The weird thing about all of this is that it’s not every transaction, just some. I suppose I better call support.

We have had this same issue wasn’t in test but was in live once we converted from 9 to 10 last weekend. Lost 3 days of time entries before I found this thread and fixed the underlying issue. Is there any chance at all you could share the script that fixed the mes entries that were 0? We need to be able to run payroll tomorrow in less than 24 hours and we are missing the labor rates for 3 days worth of entries. Any help would be sincerely appreciated as we have escalated ticket with our project manager support manager and team and no one is responding. Outside of my accounting team going and re-keying 3 days of 300+ employees we are at a loss as Epicor is not helping us or doesn’t understand the urgency. Anyway, off of soapbox and would sincerely appreciate if you have and can share that script.

I just sent you a PM @brad.rush