Production Planner Workbench, Cutoff Date

Does anyone use the Production Planner Workbench/Process to view material shorts over a time element?
What does the Cutoff Date mean? App Help says: “Cutoff Date- This field specifies the date on or after which jobs should be submitted” How does this change what the report displays? thx

Does anyone need to answer the question: Do we have parts on hand (all jobs) for the next 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks?.. How in Epicor do you do this, if not the Production Planner Workbench?

I’m interested in your post because we’re experiencing the same issue. We found the production planner workbench is able to ignore pending PO receipts with a flag, but it doesn’t ignore job receipts. The planners can’t adjust past due mfg jobs to let MRP know when they will really be available because they will lose their top spot on the dispatch list.

Even if we could try to work around the mfg receipts, we have several planners who would run the workbench with their own cutoff dates, parameter settings, etc. All planners get the same workbench screen though, so good luck figuring out how it was run last. With our activity, it takes at least 20 minutes to run, so the planners would end up just fighting over each other.

Our question is, with what we have on the shelves right now, what can we build. What jobs can’t we make because we don’t have purchased or manufactured items on the shelf.

We are hoping AMM will help us by allocating, but we postponed that for a future phase. The PartDtl table lists all of your supply and demand, so you can go custom. Depending on your activity, creating a virtual pegging might be too resource intensive to run interactively.


I am running the Planner Process overnight after the MRP run, so everyone would work from that.
I have entered planners so that the report can be filtered on the planner, then grouped.

The workbench also reports length material as “short” so all jobs that need tape or wire or… show as short.
I am still unclear how the part side of the report works…

This workbench would be useful; if it worked.