Production Records ( Device Master Record , DMR)

Hi All,

I am new to EPICOR and learning at this moment. We have requirements to store all production records such as MOM/production check list / Original Pick list / NCR against Job / Test results /inspection record etc etc in EPICOR .

My question is where & how in EPICOR we can store all required documents during job order process. Also, once you store it , how to use that record or view that record.?

I hope i have explained well about my question.

I am sure this smart group will provide some solution for it.


Each one of those items can be done in Epicor. However, this looks like a training item to start with. There are decent manuals in the Help that can walk you through terminology and how to accomplish these things.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your reply.
I did tried in Help section but could not find what i need. it will be nice of you if you can share some links or pdfs.
i was thinking can we attached record at time and expense entry section? and how it will be viewd as there is not tracker for time and expense record as it is based on person not job.
my wish is job should give you all record once it is finished …who when what how?

Thank you in advance.

Are you simply looking to attach a bunch of files to a job?

Jason Woods

Thats correct Jason…Thats the plan.

All docs apart from transactional data…( As transactional data will be recorded by EPICOR .)later people can view it as a part of DHR( Who /When/How /What happen to the job… etc etc )


If each item is attach at the point of use, then it becomes a little more complicated to extract them all at once.
You could create a complex query of unions that can show all those places in one spot though.

Hi Jason,
Thank you for your reply.I am only interested job wise record dont want all documents at the final top assembly job.

I want to view or print all the records( Mostly the performace record after testing/any deviations approved note etc) against job. I cant find any place holder in EPICOR for jobs related documents.