Production Standards and scheduling

Hewllo Everyone,

somewhat new to the Epicor world when it comes to setting production standards and scheduling. we have recently input all production standards into our ERP system within the past year. What i am currently struggling with is actully realizing the load on the shop which could be do to our resorce structure as well as our specific resources and how they are set up. This was completed prior to me but i feel that a good structure will greatly help with being able to properly schedule. I was curious if anyone is using these functions efficiently and would be able to help provide some guidance. We produce a variety of parts over about 20 machining centers in our machine shop and also have an assembly facility that we use project budgeted hours for our productions standards but have been unsuccessful and closing the loop and making it all work for us. I can certainly provide more information but wanted to reach out to the forum group to see if anyone would be willing to provide some insight. I appreciate any feedback.


My approach is to start very broad and work down to more and more specific.
I like to visualize shop load as a stacked chart.
You can start with the full plant grouping labor by week, pushing all past due estimated hours to today.

In this example you can see the plant puts out approximately 1000 hours per week, but this week has a total of much more than the 1000 because of the past due.

Once the total is inline the same visualization can be used to see the load on the individual resource groups. If you load level by moving jobs to different resources then the visualization will work as you move jobs around.

understood Carson, i appreciate the feedback. this may seem like a silly question but are you seeing this data right from epicor or are you exporting to excel. i know epicor has a shop load feature that i have been trying to utilize with no luck. was just curious

I would normally do it in a BAQ report. It could also be done in EDD or probably a traditional dashboard.
For the example I posted I just faked a little data in Excel.