Programmatic Part Creation

Hi folks,

In the past we’ve been performing a tracelog and then re-emulating the same steps in REST API calls to do certain actions, like adding a new part, or creating a sales order, etc…

This means we have an external application that is placing many individual REST API calls to Epicor.

Just curious, with the recent improvements in Epicor (and me not being an expert) if there was a “better” way to do it – like call a single Function or BPM or something and then do all the work of the task inside Epicor instead of doing via a bunch of disconnected REST calls.

Is that even a thing? Thoughts?

I would 100% do the part creation BO calls inside of a function and then use REST to call that function.


Figures. :+1:

Curious … I hopped inside Epicor Functions Maintenance and I have no way of creating a new Library. Is that a feature unavailable to Cloud customers by chance?

Make sure your user account has the functions role access.

@hmwillett is right, we’re cloud and I have access


I assumed the Security Manager option was enough. I did add the “Functions Administrator” group to my profile and re-logged, but still no ability to add a new library. Am I being a dummy somewhere?

I usually add all 3.

I’m in! Thanks @hmwillett and @Randy