Progress to SQL

Our Progress/Vantage went down. It is just old data that will not hurt us if we do not have it. However, I have been tasked to convert this to SQL so we can try to access the data. The program i am using wants me to give them the DSN. Where do I find this? Is there another way of doing this? Note: Progress Tool is not working.

You can used a linked server pointed to the Progress database, unless “Progress Tool” not working means you can’t access the Progress database either. After you create the ODBC to Progress you can then connect it to a linked server in the SQL server. Then, you can use OPENQUERY to query the database. Just a thought…

Yeah, the Progress Tool means I can’t access anything. Was trying to see if I coudl at lest get to the tables in the database without Progress working.

You can try to access the progress database via ODBC, but if the progress database is not started that will be hard.

I don’t know much about Vantage/Progress but, are there tables that are held anywhere that has all the info?