Projected End of Year Inventory

Hello all. This is my first post.

I have been browsing the forum looking for a way to project where inventory levels will be at the end of the year for all inventory based off transactions that are scheduled to happen in the future. I have been trying to run the Stock Status Report and using the Dynamic option for the “Stock Status as of” and selecting “End of Month + 2”. This doesn’t seem to be changing the inventory for any of the parts when compared to the Stock Status Report when run for the current day. I know there are scheduled transactions on several of the parts between now and the end of the year and I am confused why this is not showing up in my “End of Month +2” report. Any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated.

Stock Status will only show actual transactions.

Look at the Time Phase Report. It might be overloaded with details, but it should combine the expected receipts and material issues, with the current inventory

Thank you Calvin. Unfortunately I need this information on all of the thousands of parts in inventory and I believe Time Phase can only be done on one part at a time. If it can be done on all parts at once it would work for me but I do not believe it can.

Could you write a BAQ using the TimePhase table and select the max entry. I have not studied enough but just trying to think of ideas if the time phase report is for one part only.

I can’t remember if it’s in E9 or new in E10, but the Time Phased Mtl. Requirements report shows projected stock qtys through a specified date.

@jeowings I believe the TimePhase table is just a temporary table and doesn’t have any data in it normally.

There is the Time Phase Material Report:

I’d suggest a custom version of the report, as you don’t necessarily need to see all the details.

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The time phase report works great!!! I was looking at a different time phase report. Thank you so much for your help.