Property mismatch between sender and receiver

Getting an error message in test. I just copied LIVE into TEST. Everything in LIVE works fine, so I don’t understand why Test is having this issue. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
I try to pull up any supplier and I get the message below. Thanks!

Server Side Exception

Table ‘VendBank’ property mismatch between sender and receiver.

Exception caught in: mscorlib

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Is your live and test using the same versions of everything? This is an old post but it sounds like the same exact problem.

Thanks, I just double checked this, and they are both on the same version. We are on for both LIVE and TEST.

Hey Dan, did you ever come to a resolution to the above issue? I’m seeing the same thing in an environment that we just spun up: Table ‘OHOrderMsc’ property mismatch between sender and receiver. We get it in Order Entry, when retrieving an order.

We’ve had this several times before and it always came down to a DLL being different in the environments, usually a patch deployd to one (server or client) but not the other.

I ended up just comparing the created dates of all the relevant DLLs for both the server and client and copying the correct versions from live to test where there was a difference.

I’ve found that this happens when I forget to Regenerate the Data Model after copying Production to Test. I’d give that a try. The only other thing was to delete and reinstall the client due to DLL problems because the client didn’t autoupdate like it should have…

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Hey Folks, thanks for jumping in so quickly. We just did a regen of the data model but to no avail. I think a comparison of the dlls might be in order. Thanks again! -Brad

We had same issue. We forgot to change Deployment Version in the Application Server Configuration from Base to the upgraded version. Once that was finished we had to go the Actions Menu and Rebuild Site. This corrected the issue for us and We didn’t have to try to do the .DLL comparison.

Typically after an upgrade like this, you will receive this error in the Epicor Admin Server untiil you log in to a client a perform the upgrade\data conversions