Property-Set Kinetic ERP

Hello Guys

I need to change the property of a column to editable in a grid when I add a new record

I have an Event and Grid.

The field cannot be editable but must be entered when I add a new record.

I have tried Property-Set but it doesn’t work. The field id is Field_UD30_Key3

I have changed the “Prop” to Editable but it doesn’t work.

Help me please.


Are you trying to edit Key3 after the record has been created??

Because you cannot do that. At all.
That’s a unique key used to find the record in the database and should never be changed once created.

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I need when I add new record, Key3 can be editable but when I try to change value, Key3 can’t be editable. The field is in a Grid and the grid always has the field as editable.

I need to change the property of the field to “non-editable” when the new record is saved.

That’s typically not how Epicor works.
Add a record, enter your keys, and save.
Then, go and try and edit Key3 and save.
Does it save the record? If so, then this is a severe bug and needs to be reported to support.

And I would submit how SQL Server works - by default.

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You’ll have to record whatever you are recording in a different field, or you need to delete the record and recreate to make it “Editable”

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I need create new record and then I need update only Charecter01.
The error is that the field remains editable and if the user tries to change the Key3 field, the system creates a new record without notifying the user.

So, reviewing it myself, here are some points to note.
The textboxes are editable, but Epicor will not allow you to save. Is it dumb? Yes–yes it is, but I think your users would quickly figure out they cannot alter the Key data.

However, no matter what I did, I could not get it to generate a new record by entering data.


Any who, make a rule and disable the fields yourself when RowMod is not equal to “A” (add).