Prowk91d has a protrace file that is 13 GB's!

Our people were receiving an error message today when they tried to run
jobs or create quotes - "insuffiecient memory". So I looked on our
server hard drive and noticed that we were down to way under 1 GB. I
found some backups that were part of the culprit but also found a
protrace file in prowk91d that is 13 GBs!!!!

I called Epicor and they said I could DELETE the PROTRACE file that is
taking up so much disk space on our server.

But, I was told I should not delete anything else in the PROWK91D file.
I thought this was a "temp" directory and you could delete the contents
any time you wanted.

I also didn't understand their explanation of what the protrace file is
there for and how it got so big. Help!


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